Policy Manual

Policy Identification
  Globally Competitive Students
Category:  Testing
Policy ID Number:  HSP-A-001

Policy Title:  Policy governing test administration in the public schools

Current Policy Date:  10/04/2012

Other Historical Information:  Previous board dates: 10/16/1977, 03/14/1996, 11/05/1998, 05/06/1999, 09/14/2000,03/01/2001,04/02/2009, 10/01/2009

Statutory Reference:  GS 115C-12(9)c

Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Reference Number and Category:  






(a)                Employees of the LEA shall administer tests to students who are required or permitted to participate.

(b)               The department shall supply the tests to the LEAs.

(c)                LEAs shall:

(1)               account to the department for all tests received;

(2)               provide a locked storage area for all tests received;

(3)               prohibit the reproduction of all or any part of the test; and

(4)               prohibit their employees from disclosing the content of, or specific items contained in, the tests to persons other than authorized employees of the LEA.

(d)               LEAs must monitor test administration procedures. If school officials discover any instance of improper administration and determine that the validity of the test results has been affected, they must notify the local board of education and order the affected students to be re-tested.

(e)                The Superintendent of Public Instruction may conduct audits of LEAs if he/she receives written complaints which allege improper test administration, and he/she may require the re-testing of students.

(f)                 The department shall provide the mechanism for the scoring of all North Carolina mandated tests. In addition the department shall provide score interpretation services to the LEA.

(g)                LEAs shall, at the beginning of each school year, provide information to students and parents or guardians advising them of the district-wide and state-mandated tests that students will be required to take during that school year. In addition, LEAs shall provide information to the students and parents or guardians to advise them of the dates the tests will be administered and how the results from the tests will be used and the consequences thereof.  Also, information provided to parents about the tests shall include whether the State Board of Education or the local board of education requires the test.

(h)                LEAs shall report scores resulting from the administration of district-wide and state-mandated tests to students and parents or guardians along with available score interpretation information within thirty (30) days from generation of the score at the LEA level or from the receipt of the score and interpretive documentation from the department.

(i)                  In order to ensure adequate representation and the generalizability of the data used to develop tests and to conduct evaluation studies, selected LEAs and schools, determined through stratified random samples, shall participate in field testing and other sample testing such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and other national or international assessments as designated by the department or the SBE.


History Note:   Statutory Authority G.S. 115C-12(9)c.;
Eff. July 1, 1986;
Amended Eff. May 1, 2001; August 1, 1999; June 1, 1996.