Policy Manual

Policy Identification
  Globally Competitive Students
Category:  Testing
Policy ID Number:  GCS-A-009

Policy Title:  Policy regarding rules, guidelines, and procedures governing the NC testing program

Current Policy Date:  10/04/2012

Other Historical Information:  Previous board dates: 07/09/1998, 11/05/1998, 11/03/009

Statutory Reference:  

Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Reference Number and Category:  

The information contained within the North Carolina Testing Program policy documents shall apply to all public school personnel who are responsible for the implementation of the North Carolina Testing Program.These documents include the test administratorís manuals and guides for each test, test material processing guides, handbooks, the North Carolina Proctorís Guide, the North Carolina Testing Security:Protocol and Procedures for School Personnel publication, the North Carolina Guidelines for Testing Students Identified as Limited English Proficient publication, the North Carolina Testing Students with Disabilities publication, and any subsequent published supplements or updates and periodic training provided to each LEA.The information shall set forth the rules and procedures required for a proper test administration and shall be provided to each LEA by the department through the LEA test coordinator.


The LEA superintendent shall ensure that each school follows the established testing procedures by keeping building-level administrators informed of their responsibilities. Local boards of education shall cooperate with the State Board of Education in implementing the provisions of this policy.