Policy Manual

Policy Identification
  Globally Competitive Students
Category:  Accountability Model
Policy ID Number:  GCS-C-022

Policy Title:  Policy providing accountability standards under the ABCs Model for alternative schools

Current Policy Date:  06/05/2014

Other Historical Information:  01/06/2005, 10/01/2009

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Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Reference Number and Category:  




(a)  The SBE shall include in the accountability system each alternative school that has an identification number assigned by the Department. The SBE shall evaluate these alternative schools based upon student achievement and the schoolís success in meeting objectives that the school selects as set out in its school improvement plans.

(1)        The SBE shall include the following two state testing components:

(A)       For schools that serve only high school grade students:

(i)         Change in EOC test results

(B)       For schools that serve both high school grade students and students in grades below high school:

(i)         Change in EOG and EOC test results

 (C)      For schools that serve only students in Grade 8 and below, change in EOG and EOC test results, which shall be counted twice.

(2)        The SBE shall include the schoolís performance composite, if the school has a performance composite.

(3)        The school shall select three objectives from its school improvement plan, one of which shall be either (D) or (E) below. The objectives shall be:

(A)       Increase in student attendance rate.

(B)       Decrease in student dropout rate.

(C)       Decrease in the percentage of students who are referred for disciplinary action.

(D)       Increase in the percentage of students whose grades improve as indicated by at least one letter grade improvement in grade point average from the previous school year, who enroll in higher-level courses, or who are promoted to the next grade.

(E)       Increase in the percentage of students who make measurable progress. Progress shall be measured by a studentís moving up to a higher proficiency level, by the number of students who score at proficiency level III or higher, or who pass other locally-required tests.

(F)       Increase in the percentage of parents of students who are involved in activities such as student referral or placement decisions, student exit from the school or transition to another school, or student and school activities.

(G)       Increase in the number of community members who are involved in school activities such as community-based activities, mentoring and tutoring, and volunteer activities.

(H)       Increase in the percentage of students, parents, and school staff who express satisfaction with the school as measured by the schoolís annual climate survey or by documented parent, student, or staff expressions of satisfaction.

(b)  Test scores for students who attend programs or classes in a facility that does not have a separate school number shall be reported to and included in the studentsí home schools.


History Note:  Authority G.S. 115C-12(9)c4.;

Eff. April 1, 2005.